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Factions Plus Commands

Factions Plus Commands
Xtra commands are now available for your faction!!


/f warp [name]
Warps to the Faction warp!

/f createwarp [name]
Creates a Faction warp, these can only be created in faction land

/f deletewarp [name]
Removes a Faction warp, these can only be created in faction land

/f removewarp [name]
Alias of deletewarp

/f listwarps
Lists warps associated with your faction

/f setjail
Sets the jail location, this can only be set in faction land

/f jail [name]
Sends a player to jail!

/f unjail [name]
Removes a player from jail!

/f announce [message]
Broadcast a message to everyone in the Faction!

/f ban [player]
Bans a player from joining a Faction
Nov 5, 2012
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